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  1. These Home Kits Will Have You Making Your Own Edibles
    Its plan is to send you pre-batched, refrigerated kits that will have you whipping up sweet cannabis-infused edibles at home.... Current recipes available include salted chocolate oat cookies, coconut cupcakes with matcha frosting and blackberry jam cake.

  2. Phoenix New Times

    Popular Edible Cannabis Bhang Bars Are Leaving Arizona for Now, but the Company Vows to Return
    Phoenix New Times
    Cannabis patients who like Bhang chocolate bars should grab them at Arizona dispensaries while they still can. The popular THC-infused candy bars are in short supply, and it will likely be months before they're back in the state.

  3. LA Magazine (blog)

    The Los Angeles Chocolate Salon Is the Cocoa Indulgence You Crave
    LA Magazine (blog)
    It's a chance to taste-test products from various chocolatiers and confectioners, watch chocolate-making demonstrations, and hear from chocolate industry experts. This year Défoncé Chocolatier, maker of cannabis-infused chocolate, will give a ...

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